Student Guidelines

  • Students should register by 12 PM, 26 April at the latest.
  • Students can choose a maximum of 3 companies of their interest in the registration form.
  • Students registering before 23 April are required to update their form once the list of companies is uploaded.
  • Students must provide a link to their résumé in the registration form. (You can upload it on any cloud storage service and get a sharable link for it.)
  • Registered students will be notified about the schedule and the method of interviews on our website, and are therefore requested to frequently check these sources for updates.

Company Guidelines

  • Companies should register by 25 April at the latest.
  • The method of interview shall be decided by the companies.
  • Companies are required to mention the number of internship slots and the stipend in the registration form.
  • Companies will recieve the details of interested students (including their résumés) by 26 April.
  • The companies are required to send us the schedule of interviews of students by 27 April at the latest.